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Writers: sometimes it's best to do it yourself

I write a YA column for the Oregonian. It features books with ties to the Pacific Northwest. This isn't a secret. It is amazing too me how many books don't get sent to The O with a sticker that says "local author" or a note indicating that there is a regional tie, even when there is one.

With one of the three books I'm reviwing right now, the author took the trouble to send a note to the books editor pointing out that he lives in Washington State. Without that note, the book might have gotten lost in the teetering piles. Now it will be reviewed. If you're not sure if your publicist did this, it doesn't hurt to double up.

Even as newspapers and review inches have shrunk, there are still ways to get your book noticed. Even newspapers that don't run reviews are looking for human-interest features. Off the book page publicity is probably better than a book review in terms of attracting attention. For one thing, you're not surrounded by other books. A feature article, which can be written by any reporter including the reviewer, is about the interesting facts in a book or the author herself. If you're a pharmacist and writing a book about the pharmaceutical industry, that's a hook for a human-interest article. Think about ways your book links to something factual and interesting.

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