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The Costco Miracle!

My agent is unfamiliar with Costco, and thought it might be similiar to Grocery Outlet, another of my favorite stores. But Costco isn't the last home for products that never sold. Instead it specializes in items, many high-end, at unbelievable prices. Seafood, meat, imported cheeses, clothes, bedding, cookware, office supplies - they might not have a lot in any one category, but the buys are incredible.

Costco stocks very little hardcover fiction. But now, thanks to being on the New York Times list, plus the hard work of our Thomas Nelson publicist, they have Face of Betrayal in stock on a trial basis in Seattle and Portland stores for only $11.99 (list is $25).

Shoot! That's even cheaper than I can authors' copies for. Yesterday I bought a couple and promptly gave them away to folks who wanted copies but for one reason or another couldn't get them.

While I was in the checkout line, I said to the checker, "See if you can figure out what's special about that book." He had my Costco card right in front of him, propped on the edge of the register. He looked back and forth and said in an amazed tone, "Wow! You have the same name as the author!"

Quite a coincidence!

If you live in Portland or Seattle and would like to meet Lis and I in person, see us at:
* Friday, May 29
Seattle Costco, Aurora Village, 1175 North 205th, Seattle

* Saturday, May 30
Portland Costco (the busiest Costco in the country), Portland Warehouse, 4849 NE 138th Street, Portland

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