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Publisher reaches out to authors

Shelf Awareness had a series of interesting articles on the state of the publishing biz. Part of it talked about the publisher Sourcebook. “The "new" Sourcebooks is "competing harder in fewer categories" and "organizing internally around categories and category users," Raccah continued. The company is simultaneously aiming to "get to know readers better" and become partners with authors.

“In fact, at Sourcebooks, "we publish authors, not books," Raccah said. The company is planning longer term and intends to make authors leaders in their categories. "We have to communicate with authors and not just deal through agents."

To help communicate with its 1,200 authors and help authors in a variety of ways, the company recently launched what it calls the Author Toolkit. Among other things, the site has information about social networking, media training resources and events listings. Sourcebooks offers to host authors' blogs and will help authors create e-cards using their book covers. "Our only job as publishers is to find new approaches to content and new ways for authors to reach readers.””

Read more here.

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