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A good month

This month has been a good month for me, writing-wise.

- A query I sent out in May(!) was accepted by a writing magazine. I still don't know when it will appear. I haven't even actually written it yet, because they need to tell me the word count and when it's due. It will be about when you can and should steal as a writer. I pitched it in the wake of the whole How Opal Mehta Got Kissed mess. (The author seems to have cribbed for a dozen different sources - the book was pulled back by LIttle, Brown and the author, who is in college, will most likely never publish again. Probably by the time the article appears, everyone will have forgotten about the incident.)

- I pitched the Oregonian on the idea of writing an article about Tuckerization, the practice of naming a character after a real person. Look for this article (which I again haven't actually written yet) sometime in December. (Let me know if you know of any good examples or stories about Tuckerization.)

- And some really exciting news: I also pitched the Oregonian on the idea of writing a round-up column for YAs - and the book editor said yes! He does want all the books to have a Northwest focus, ie, books written by someone who lives in the Northwest or set in the Northwest. For the first column, I'm thinking I will review Skate, The Boy Book, and possibly Twilight/New Moon. (Again, do you know of some recent or upcoming books that have a link to the Northwest?)

- And today I will be typing "The End" on Shadows Walking Backward. I will pick it up again when we drive down to my mom's house for Thanksgiving. I knew that four-hour drive had to be good for something!

As you can see though, the days in between will still be very full.

And I'm still working full time.

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