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Anyone out there had breast cancer?

There's a character I'm considering giving breast cancer to. Because I like my characters and don't want anything bad to happen to them, at first I was just going to give her a scare. But now I'm thinking of giving her a breast cancer that hasn't spread. She is only 33 and is a single mom.

I'm having a hard time finding women's firsthand experiences with this kind of scenario. I wonder what it would be like to find a lump, how long it would take to get into the doctor, what kind of testing would be done (and how long it would take). If I remember from my years in health care, standard treatment for a breast cancer that hasn't spread is lumpectomy and radiation. I wonder how that treatment makes you feel, if you lose your hair (I think that's only for chemo, though), what the side effects are, how long it lasts (and how frequent it is).

I just want to write something that is true to the experience, although I'm sure it differs for every woman.

If you feel like sharing, you could email me at aprilhenrymysteries@yahoo.com

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