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Do you have a killer book idea?

Well, you'll need more than an idea. You'll also need a 1,000-3,000 word synposis and the first 5,000-10,000 words. And then you can enter it in Court TV's Search for the Next Great Crime Writer contest to promote a show called Murder by the Book. The contest ends November 27.

You'll be judged on (i) 25% story concept and structure, (ii) 25% communication ability/writing style, (iii) 20% originality, (iv) 15% character development, and (v) 15% usage of the mystery/crime platform.

Grand prize is $1,000 plus the possibility to sign a $1,000 contract with Judith Regans' Harper Collins imprint.

- Like her or hate her, Judith Regan is a legend for a reason and she will probably help you get tons of publicity. It could truly be the start of a big career.
- No fee to enter the contest.
- With an advance of $1,000, you'll earn it back really, really fast.

- $1,000 for an advance is not much money. A few years ago, an article in the NY Times said the average advance for a first time mystery writer was $5,000 to $7,000, so this is even less than that small amount.
- Even once you earn back your advance, with the way publishers monkey with royalty statements, you won't see it for a while.

I could be wrong, but I think as contests go, it's not half bad.

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