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Weekend update

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend! On Friday, I flew into Seattle. K, the publicist, picked us up at the airport. Then it was off to meet Lis at the downtown hotel they stayed at. My one useful contribution was supposed to be the mnemonic: Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Pressure, which tells you the order of downtown Seattle streets (there are two in a row that start with J, two that start with C, etc.) But K had a GPS unit (although it was rather cranky and occasionally came up with very bad ideas), so my JJCCMMSSUUPP was not as useful as it had been in the past.

After a quick "drive-by signing" at the downtown Borders, it was off to the Aurora Costco, on the outskirts of Seattle to sign from 6 to 8. Costco is stocking Face of Betrayal at Portland and Seattle, and we're trying to make it worth their while. For the most part, shoppers were determined to get in, get out, and get back to the nicest weekend Seattle has had so far this year. After we were done, K drove us back to Portland and Lis and I sat in the back of the car and worked on line edits to the second book in our series, Heart of Stone.

Saturday at the Portland Costco was a completely different experience. K stationed herself next to the pallet (yes, there was an entire pallet of books at each store) upstream from us and told people we were in the store. People just aren't used to seeing authors at Costco (food samplers are much more common) so sometimes you have to get past the "you're the authors?" thing. We signed at least 130 books for folks.

When our time was up, the manager asked us to sign as many books as we had time to. Lis and I looked at each other and decided we would do all of them. It was like an assembly line - K put the flap in the right spot, I signed and passed it to Lis and Lis signed.

Then we tried to stack those hundreds of books back up on the pallet. Definitely an art form!

Finally, it was off to a Barnes & Noble and a Borders to do some stock signings.

I was home by 4 Saturday and managed to stay awake until 9.

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