aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Notes to self

1. No more weird days that cause you to lose hours of writing!

2. Most especially, days when computer refuses to start up, and even kind man at Apple support can't make it work.

3. But if you do have a weird day and the kind man can't make the computer start, do NOT wear run out of house wearing brand new wrap blouse without test driving it first.

4. If you do wear brand new wrap blouse, bring safety pin.

5. If you forget and wear new wrap bluse and do not bring safety pin, do not bother trying to tug edges of blouse together or pull it up. Because it won't work.

6. If you do end up basically flashing cute guy at "Genius Bar" plus other customer, do not let on that you know that they saw. Act as if nothing happened.

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