aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Maybe it's a miracle that I'm walking around

A couple of years ago, I found out I had a pretty severe anemia by chance. Fun filled tests followed, including a barium enema. All negative, thank God.

I don't feel particularly tired, but I guess it's back. I tried to donate blood yesterday when I saw a blood mobile in our neighborhood. So many friends have cancer and rely on transfusions that it seemed the least I could do. But I was rejected, with a 10.1 (I guess it should be at least 12.5). So it's back to SlowFe and we'll see how things are my doctor's appt. in late July.

But now it's a whole different ball game. When I had Kaiser insurance it was comprehensive, with hardly any out of pocket costs. In the the first five months on my husband's plan (and he has the best available from his employer, which is a health provider/insurer} we ran up more than $3,000 in out of pocket costs. When the worst thing that happened was Teen's broken arm. I don't think I could afford to get tested from stem to stern again.

We need a new health care system.

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