aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Can I criticize the bard?

Last night, I took Teen and Teen's BFF to see Much Ado About Nothing performed at Ashland's Shakespearean festival. I know Shakespeare was a genius and all that, but Claudio seemed far too merry after he learned of Hero's death (he falsely accused her of being unchaste at their wedding, stormed out, and her family pretended she had died from shame.)

I was sitting next to some boys who seemed to be part of some out of state school tour. (They were convinced there were seeing fire flies, something I've always wanted to see, but which don't exist in Southern Oregon. They were just moths fluttering in the footlights. Aside: where do fireflies live?) The first act was completely over their heads (they referred to Beatrice as "the old lady") but by the end they were chuckling.

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