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It took just six seconds to change his mind

"I would have said anything to make it stop," says Erich Muller, a rightwing Chicago shockjock known as "Mancow" who had argued that waterboarding was far from torture. On his show, he said, "They cut off our heads. We put water on their faces." He recently agreed to be waterboarded to prove that it was totally harmless. He was laughing right until it started.

He lasted all of six seconds.

When he spoke again, he said it was torture. He told Keith Olbermann, "I was willing to prove, and ready to prove, that this was a joke, and I was wrong. It was horrific. It was instantaneous. And look, I felt the effects for two days."

Olbermann donated $10,000 to a support group for veterans in return for Muller going through with the waterboarding.

See for yourself http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/05/26/olbermann-mancow-intervie_n_207963.html

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