aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Channeling my inner 14 year old

Teen, like all teens, wanted a kind of job. Probably faster than teen expected, I found someone who was looking for a babysitter to watch her kids for four hours each Saturday. They are 2 and 6.

They are also fairly high energy.

Teen got invited to go camping three hours away this weekend. We were so busy inquiring about the details - who will drive you there? Is she a good driver? Will you always wear your seatbelt? What do you mean you'll be inner tubing? Are there life jackets? Etc. Etc.

One thing I forgot until this morning: those two kids. It looks like I might end up being the babysitter.

Got any ideas on how I can entertain two kids for four hours? It will be limited to the apartment and a nearby park. I could bring stuff from home.

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