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Comcast: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We have one of those triple play packages from Comcast - Internet, phone, and TV. In April, our year-long expired and the price jumped more than $40. I called and asked them to bring it down (I hinted I was thinking about switching to Qwest), and they dropped the price $20.

Then came a new deal, that was $20 cheaper and included free HBO and a free DVR for six months. Only for new customers. But, if you talk about Qwest again and have a good payment history, you too can get the good deal.

On the ugly side, a local Comcast guy came up with a great way to make some money. He cut the phone lines to a check-cashing place. When the woman who worked there showed up for work, he was right there.

As the Oregonian reports:
The manager and employees of The Chair Outlet were the first to realize that something was amiss next door at Ace Checks Cashed, which shares the same building at Southeast 73rd Avenue and Powell Boulevard.

Chris Herman, 28, manager of The Chair Outlet, said he found his phones dead when he came to work. He called Qwest, and then checked with Ace Checks Cashed to see if their lines were working.

When he went in, he saw a Comcast man, slightly slouched with his head down, standing behind the locked partition with the clerk of the check-cashing store. "We can't help you, all our systems are down," the woman told Herman.

Herman pointed to his business shirt, and said his phones were out too.

"She said, 'Well, maybe he can help you.' "

"I said, 'We don't have Comcast. We have Qwest.' She said, 'Maybe you can take him with you,' " Herman recalled.

Herman sensed the clerk was trying to hint that something was wrong. As he returned to his shop about 10:45 a.m., he called 9-1-1 and told dispatchers "something was fishy" next door, possibly a robbery.

Meanwhile, Chair Outlet employee Sean Lamb went into the outlet's warehouse, which directly abuts the cash store. Herman soon joined him. They put their ears to the thin wall.

The two men heard some thumping and muffled screams.

The two ran out and saw the Comcast man race off in a Comcast van. Then they went next door to find the check-cashing clerk. "She was up behind the counter, jumping up and down, covered in blood, and she was bound and gagged," Herman recalled.

But they couldn't get to her. She was still behind the locked partition.
Comcast says their hearts go out to the victim. Well, if I was that lady (who will be okay in the long run) I'd want their wallet to go out too.

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