aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Spider on the freeway

Yesterday I had lunch with some folks I went to high school with. One woman I hadn't seen in more than 20 years turns out to be married to literary agent Chip Macgregor - which made for interesting lunch table conversation. For us, at least.

As I was driving there, I noticed a large spider crawling near my door. I HATE spiders. Then it began to drop down on a web - heading for my thigh. I shrieked, rolled down the window, and tried to brush the web so it would land outside the car. All while maintaining my lane and traffic flow.

Instead, I just broke the web. The spider fell to the floor of my car. I stomped around with my left foot while still staying at 65 with my right foot.

I finally had to give up. I couldn't see it (it's actually really hard to see the floor without moving your legs, which isn't a good idea when you're surrounded by cars).

But the whole time, I kept feeling like I felt the tiniest of tickles on my sandaled feet and bare legs.

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