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Money, money, money

Count me as one HUGE fan of Life As We Knew It. (It and The Hunger Games top my best YA list for the last couple of years.) (Yes, I love those post-apocalyptic novels. If you do too, even if you’re an adult, read one of these instead of One Second After, with it’s stock characters (even named Mary and John!), grammatical errors, weird paragraphs breaks, and stilted dialog. Oh, and the climatic battle scene between the townspeople and the evil biker cannibal gang takes place off-stage!)

Anyway, Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It has been a huge, huge success, showing up on the NY Times bestseller list and numerous state award lists.

Do you know how much her advance was? Well, neither did I until I read Sue’s blog. Just $20,000. You can read her musings about money, advances and royalties

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