aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Half-broken things

Everything feels half done or half broken today.

Our 3rd generation iPod now only holds songs by bands with names beginning with the letters S through Z. I went running and kept thinking of people I wanted to listen to - Modest Mouse, Pink - but they weren't in the right section of the alphabet.

Our two year old formica countertop has developed pale spots on the verdigris(think aged copper)-look surface. Counter installer says it can't be fixed, unless we buy a new counter top, which will cost $1,000. I went to Michael's craft store today and have been coloring my counter with various felt pens. It's kind of working.

I'm teaching a weekend-long class for Oregon Writers Workshop in February. I've been saving up notes forever. At some point, it seems I doubled up. So now I'm trying to go through 195 pages of computer notes, eliminating duplicate pages, as well as grouping things more logically. Brain is leaking out ears.

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Tags: half-assed

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