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I can't wait to read this book

I loved The Caveman's Valentine, a story about a homeless schizophrenic who tries to solve a murder, which came out in 1994, and The Juror, a story about a juror on a Mob trial who learns she and her son will be killed if she doesn't stick to a not guilty verdict, which came out in 1995.

Tip: If you write thrillers, getting books out fourteen years apart is not a good career plan.

However, in the interim, he did start Moth, which I understand is where a lot of This American Life content comes from.

The Wall Street Journal says, “Mr. Green’s publisher, Grand Central Publishing, an imprint of Lagardere’s Hachette Book Group, is printing only 45,000 copies of “Ravens.” In part, that’s because many bookstores may no longer know Mr. Green. “He was last published in the dinosaur age,” says his literary agent, Molly Friedrich.”

Still I’m really looking forward to reading Ravens.

Booklist says, “Shaw and Romeo, friends from grade school to their present-day labors in dead-end tech-support jobs, are headed for a Florida vacation. In a Georgia convenience store, Shaw learns from a clerk that a local family purchased a lottery ticket worth $318 million, and he hatches a plan to get half of it. His plan is simple: Shaw takes the family “hostage” by telling them that Romeo is driving around their small city, ready to murder their loved ones if they don’t support the ruse that Shaw is due half the winnings.”

Read more about Dawes and the book in a Wall Street Journal article and at Publishers Weekly.

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