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The mail I get

So I just got an email - did anyone else get this?

Stripping out the contact info, it says:

I have written an action-adventure novel (complete at 206,000 words). The work has been has been edited, and it has undergone extensive rewriting. It should be awfully close to publish-ready! Due to a recent financial disaster, I’m forced to sell the manuscript outright as quickly as I possibly can. My goal was to have it published, but that is no longer an option. I need whatever money I can get from this work as quickly as I can possibly get it. Call it an emergency, and you won’t be wrong by much.

The book offers plenty of action, drama, and intrigue; a touch of romance, a few near-disasters, and a number of scenes that will touch your heart.

I know you’re a busy professional. I also know the book has the potential to become a serious “hit” for someone with foresight who has the ability to do something with it.

A. 206,000 is too long. At least twice too long.
B. Why would an author buy someone else's book, when she could write her own?
C. And why would a publisher buy a book from someone who hasn't authored the book? Pretty much every publisher right now wants an author who has a platform, or failing that, someone who is willing to promote, part of which involves telling about your relationship to the book you wrote.
D. Nothing right now is a sure thing in the publishing world.
E. And who says authors have a lot of money - money that they want to throw at something that is definitely less than a sure thing?
F. I hope you have a back up plan.

What would you add to my comments?

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