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A bookstore asks that a reading be “curse-free”

When Jennifer Weiner was on tour, she received what she called "a sternly worded email" from a book store in Framingham, Massachusetts requesting her upcoming reading there be curse-free.

That seems kind of weird. People who like her books know they have swear words in them. And that they are funny and well-written and sell very, very well.

Now I will admit I have caused some discomfort on authors parts by showing up with Teen, back when Teen was Kid, to some readings where the authors wrote books full of blood, swear words, or both. I always told them (if I had the opportunity) not to skip the words on Kid’s account. Sometimes they were worried about the violent content, but Kid was usually not paying that much attention anyway. One author, I remember, smoothly substituted a similar-sounding word for a frequent curse.

But for an audience of adults, the request seems over the top.

You can read readers’ and Weiner’s amusing response here.

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