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The good and bad of living in Oregon

Good: fresh strawberries (probably the last of them) at the farmer's market. We're not like California, we do have real seasons, so we don't have year-around strawberries. But we do have some that will bear until the frost sets in.

Unsettling: Being nearly jolted out of bed by an earthquake. Vague panicky thoughts of a) where is kid, b) does kid sleep near window, c) do I sleep near window, d) have bookcases fallen over, e) on somebody, f) maybe we really should bolt things to the wall like we talked about after the last earthquake, g) etc. Maybe we ARE like California. Laid in bed and remembered last two earthquakes. One at work where we were all too embarrassed to crawl underneath the table in our business clothes. My boss went and stood in the doorway, which we later found out was a bad idea because the doors are usually not weight-bearing in a big building. I remember sitting at the conference table and watching the ceiling ripple. They were constructing a building next to us, and someone else watched the men grab on to beams and hang on. An earthquake in the early 90s felt like a truck had hit the house. After an earthquake you realize how many words like "upset" also apply to an earthquake (including "upset") - shaken up, disturbed, off-balance. After an earthquake, you crave information, but you have no idea how bad it is and how widespread it is.

Bad: Rainy weather. Which is actually one of our seasons. So when you go for a run, you come home looking like this:

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Can you say drowned rat?

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