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I hate reviews - but I love them, too

A friend asked me if I had seen Mystery Scene, which had a review of Shock Point in it. When I said no, she offered to send it to me. She didn't say whether it was good or bad, or answer when I asked that question.

Even when I get a normal review, I hate to look at it. My eyes skitter over it seeking out the bad parts. It's just plain scary to read. There are some autistic kids in my family, and they can't make eye contact. It's like your eyes and their eyes are magnets with mis-matched polarities. That's how I feel about reviews. I can only look for a second or two. And even that is painful.

Although this one had no bad parts at all:
"The latest variation on the 'teens in peril’' scenario is used by April Henry in Shock Point. Cassie Streng’s world has already been badly shaken by her mother’s divorce and subsequent remarriage and pregnancy. Now Cassie has been kidnapped and hauled off to a remote school in Mexico, supposedly because she has a supply of crystal meth under her bed. Cassie suspects that her step-father, a child psychiatrist with a connection to a major drug company’s testing program, may want her out of the way after she starts asking questions about the deaths of some of her high school classmates. Her remote father and feckless mother are no help, and Cassie must escape from prison, get back to California, and face down her tormentor on her own, before more youngsters are endangered. Many of the scenes are disturbing, but Cassie is a fearless and resourceful heroine, who will surely have teen readers rooting for her to come out ahead and foil the plots of one of the most villainous stepfathers since Mr. Murdstone sent little David Copperfield to the bottling factory."

If you ever see a good review of a book in a local publication, do the author a favor. Email them and ask them if they know about it. Often they don't - and the publisher doesn't, either. You could make their day! Become their new best friend! Garner bonus points in heaven!

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