aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Hint for doctor's offices: how NOT to leave a message

I had a couple of medical tests a few weeks ago. I got the normal test results for one last week. For the other - I heard nothing. It was a test that would show one of three things: nothing is wrong, I have a benign problem, or I might have cancer.

Last night I came home from back-to-school shopping to a message from my doctor's assistant. The doctor wanted me to schedule an appointment with a specialist for a consult. They were sending me a letter about my abnormal results. The woman started to say more, then stopped herself and said she didn't want to say it all on the phone. It was 8 pm when I heard the message.

We know so many folks with cancer right now. Many are losing their fights. Last night I dreamed of treatments that ultimately failed, my hair gone, my body emaciated. This morning as I went for my run, I told myself if it was cancer, it would help me write my character with cancer better.

I called this morning, so anxious I misdialed the number the first two times.

It turns out that the result was actually the benign condition.

If you're going to be cryptic, I think you should at least hint that it's not the bad thing.

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