aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Teaser Tuesday

“You. Boy. Get that flashlight.” He jerks his head at where it sits on the workbench. I do as he says. “Now find the gun and give it to me or I’ll stab her so hard it will come out the other side.” He digs the screwdriver in a little deeper. I see a tiny dark line snake down the white skin of Gabie’s throat.

“Don’t do it,” Gabie whispers. “Don’t listen to him.” I know what she’s thinking. Once he has the gun, what’s to stop him from shooting all three of us?

But I do. I do listen to him. Because his eyes are crazy and his mouth is set and I know he will kill Gabie right now if I don’t do what he wants.

And I can’t just stand here and watch that happen.

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Tags: girl in the orange volkswagen

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