aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

How weird is this?

Remember when they first started making tiny audio chips that would start playing a shrill version of "Happy birthday" when you opened a card?

Well, try to wrap your brain around this. Some editions of Entertainment Weekly (subscribers who live in New York or LA) will open up the magazine to find a small, embedded video screen that will enable them to watch 40 minutes of upcoming TV shows. No, not on its Web site. In the magazine itself.

"The program will start with a brief introduction from the cast of "Big Bang Theory." That's followed by clips from "How I Met Your Mother," "Two and a Half Men" as well as previews of "Accidentally on Purpose," a new comedy, and dramas "NCSI: LA," "The Good Wife" and "Three Rivers" are also included in the video player."

I can't imagine the cost.

I wonder if this will be routine in 10 years. Goodness knows, we need more screen time....

Here's the article.

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