aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five Things on a Friday

1. How can I have gained three pounds in 36 hours? It can't have anything to do with having the winning a bid on "Dessert of the Month" at Teen's school auction, can it? I'm a sucker for home-made peach pie with from-scratch crust.

2. I've got my mojo back! My hemocrit is now in the normal range. My ferritin level (iron storage) is still pathetic, but I'm told with another three months of supplements I should be back to normal. Today I went running and it was no longer a slog, but a happy, happy thing. I was grinning so wide I had to look off to one side so passing drivers wouldn't think I was nuts.

3. How come all the men I see now are either walking scary big dogs or little tiny ones? I passed one of each today. I was wondering how the guy with the teeny dog felt about his masculinity - and when I passed he was smoking a big stinky cigar. Guess that's what's called a mixed message.

4. In addition to the cigar, the morning was full of smells. Pot on 45th and Pendleton. The fakely sweet smell of laundry a little further down Pendleton. Dusty smell of blackberries on Vermont. And the bakery at Loaves and Fishes on 31st.

5. I'm 2/3 of the way done on a book. The end is in sight. Thank God.

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