aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Six crazy weeks

In the next six weeks I have to:
- Finish writing a book. And there is a ton still to be done. It kind of scares me how much needs to be done.
- Do the copy edits for a different book.
- Start teaching a new writing class. Teaching is energizing AND draining, all at the same time.
- Plan out what to say at a writing seminar in two weeks where my co-teacher just had to bow out, leaving me with twice as much time to fill.
- Live through several crazy weekends, including one where I have four speaking engagements in two days in two cities, one where I have to rush from a 50th birthday party for my husband's oldest friend to the class I'm teaching, and one where I have to rush from a seminar to a memorial gathering.

But you know what? My new life is SO MUCH BETTER than my old corporate world life where we had endless meetings to talk about branding strategy and endless reorganizations, and where my old boss once made me cry because she thought my handwriting wasn't neat enough (tip: when someone tells you your handwriting is messy, don't respond with laughter). And then I would come home and try to write at night. I did that for ten years.

So this life is crazy and hard sometimes, but it's a different kind of hard, and I am (more or less) the captain of my ship.

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