aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Chelsea Cain is too cool

Chelsea, who is a local girl, used to write sweet books, like Confessions of a Teen Sleuth: A Parody [Think Nancy Drew grown up} and Dharma Girl: A Road Trip Across the American Generations about growing up as the child of hippie parents. And she had an Oregonian column that was sweet and understatedly funny.

Then she wrote Heartsick, which wasn’t understated at all. In fact, some people find her books too violent. But not everyone, not by a long shot. Can you say three-book, seven-figure book deal? And then recently another one just like the first?

But to make her life even more cool, now she has another local girl poised on the edge of a breakout, Storm Large (of Storm Large and the Balls), involved in her success. Storm has is hugely popular in Portland, and just ended run of a play based on her life that everyone said was fantastic (I looked at tickets several times, but they were $$$.)

The promo campaign for Chelsea's latest which involved sending mobile phones with text messages from Gretchen Lowell, the female serial killer who stars in the books. They used a photo of Storm for Gretchen in the wanted poster that came with the cell phone.

Jealous? Me? Of course not. Read more about the books and Storm’s involvement here.

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