aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

In which it is revealed I'm not as old as I thought

Because I had to show ID to get a wrist tag certifying that I was old enough to drink at Portland's inaugural Biketoberfest. [Full disclosure: I never get carded. Full disclosure 2: they carded everyone.] As you may have guessed, this event combined Portland's love of bikes and beer. Plus, the beer was organic, another thing Portlanders care about. There was beer, food, BMX trick bikers, lots of handmade bikes, a bike toss (which seemed kind of dangerous), and, best of all, live bands! We saw The The Ascetic Junkies and March Fourth, which has to be seen to be believed. It's this crazy blend of horns, marching bands, burlesque, and circus. They wear costumes, and there are dancers - including several on death defying stilts. One couple gave their toddler to a guy on stilts, and he lifted to her his shoulders and danced around with her for several minutes. [Full disclosure #3: as a parent, let me just say: no way!]

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