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Movie to premiere at the Vatican

Mike Rich lives here in Portland. Eleven years ago, he was a radio morning news anchor for KINK-FM. Then he won an award for Finding Forrester. Since then, he's worked on a lot of commerical movies, like The Rookie. But his recent labor of love has been The Nativity Story. Now it's going to open at the Vatican.

Couple of thoughts:
- The Vatican? I wonder if that's a first.
- This seems like a complete departure for the director of Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown. A 180 kickflip.
- The movie stars Keisha Castle-Hughes, the girl who was in Whale Rider, who in real life is now pregnant, sans marriage (and she's only 16). Mary got pregnant out of wedlock, too, although I'm sure in a different fashion.
- Mike began writing the screenplay of the movie on 1 December 2005, exactly a year before its release. That short amount of time from first word to premiere must be a record.

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