aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What it's really like to be a "famous" writer

There was a new lady in kung fu class last night. We each looked vaguely familiar to the other, so we started running down places where we might have met. I had introduced myself as April. She asked my last name.

"You're not the author, are you?"

"That's me."

"Really! I'm in a class with a famous author!" She looked around at our classmates. [They all know I write, but for various reasons, it's not important to them at all. They feel the way I would if I were in a class with a "famous" hacky-sack player.] "She's famous!"

That and $3.75 will get you a latte.

I seldom get recognized. Once at a furniture store the salesman waived the delivery fee when he heard my name. [Full disclosure: If I had been Janet Evanovich, I probably could have gotten the furniture for free.] And once a well-known restaurant owner recognized me in the grocery store. He talked to me for a few minutes and then said that he didn't want to keep interrupting my privacy. As if I were followed by adoring crowds every day.

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