aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Bet you can't do this with your tongue - cloverleaf or trefoil tongue

I have long envied Teen her ability to form a cloverleaf tongue, also known as a trefoil tongue. I was taught long ago that this was a genetic trait, same with tongue rolling. (Not sure why Teen is sideways.)

Except maybe it's not. Researchers have looked at identical twins and have found that sometimes one twin could roll the tongue and the other could not. In 1949, one heredity journal suggested that the ability to form a cloverleaf tongue was extremely rare, siting just four known cases in the United States.

Yesterday, I was staring at my tongue in the mirror. I rolled it, and then tried lifting the tip. And eventually - success! I can make a trefoil tongue! (and it's getting better by the hour, although my tongue is tired!)

So can you do anything weird with your tongue, like:
flipflop tongue

inverse roll

upfold tongue

So, do you think I could learn to tie knots in cherry stems? Or is that all some myth?

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