aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

How Comcast says "Thank you"

We had a new Comcast plan, one that included free HBO. They had wooed us back after I flirted with Qwest.

Except the HBO didn't work. It took several phone calls, plus a "live chat" that dragged on for 45 minutes.

The last time I called, the person said the techs who could fix it weren't in until Monday, but she would call me on Tuesday and let me know it had been fixed. She followed through and did that. And then, as a thank you gift, she offered to give me Showtime free for three months. Some "gift" - you have to cancel after three months. But I decided to take it, and put a note in my calendar. I'm certainly not watching Showtime right now, and I don't know if anyone is in my family.

The gift was even worse than I thought. My bill showed up today - complete with a $10 fee for Showtime. I called and got it taken off, but I shudder to think what's going to show up on the next bill.

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