aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Stuff is falling off my plate

Okay, I have a book due in five days.

And a ton of events in the next two weeks.

And I'm teaching a class.

So yesterday, I:

- Wrote 2 chapters

- Started transferring the book from Scrivener to Word

- Edited three chapters

- Took car in for oil change. Heard something about torn CV boot that ended up equaling "come back later with $375"

- Learned that two Powerpoints were due in five days.

- Tried to learn Keynote (I know Powerpoint pretty well), which is what I have now, is the Mac version of PPT and which can export documents as PPT

- Got frantic email from Wordstock conference coordinator asking me why I hadn't filled out questionnaire from Willamette Week. Email did not include questionnaire in question.

- Tried to find someone who did have questionnaire so I could actually complete the damn thing.

- Created two Keynote presentations.

- Had someone describe to me exactly what someone's head would like if it were shot with a rifle from 10 feet away. Description involved smashing a grape with a hammer.

- Picked up husband and bike because it was getting dark and he did not have light.

- Completed questionnaire. It was clear answers were meant to be provocative and funny ("What book is overrated? Be honest." "Fight Club time: If you could fight one author (or critic), who would it be and why?"). Tried not to be so provocative that I will end up fighting with an author virtually or at Wordstock.

- Figured out what I would talk about at next class based on two samples turned in by my class (dialog and back story).

- Researched treatment options for a character's breast cancer. Figure that I will never get breast cancer because it would now be ironic.

- Was just about ready to eat dinner when Teen called - she and her friends were stranded at mall. Could I pick them up?

- Eavesdropped on Teen and friends while they talked about teachers and classes. It's all material, baby!

- Ate cold dinner at 9:30.

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