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Live near Portland? Wordstock is for writers as well as readers

Portland’s signature literary event not only features a million great writers speaking about their work, but they also teach about writing.

Here are some of the workshops I’m thinking about taking (or would take if I didn’t have a conflict):

Me and My Shadow: An Author, His Characters and Narrative Distance
Dan Chaon [You Remind Me of Me was FANTASTIC - this is one I REALLY wish I could take]
What’s a writers relationship to the fictional characters that he is creating? Is this a question of language and aesthetics? Of philosophy? Is it a psychological issue? A moral issue? All of the above? This workshop will discuss the decisions that an author makes as he sets out to create a character.

How to Write a Novel Without Losing: Your Job, Your Family, Your Mind
Carol Cassella
Most novelists start in the middle of careers, raising families and juggling otherwise packed lives. Come to this workshop with a basic concept for your novel and learn how to organize your ideas into a layered structure that facilitates writing on weekends, vacations and small chunks of stolen time.

Writing Short Memoir That Sells
Melissa Hart
This workshop will cover how to identify topics for short memoir, what editors want in terms of style and content, how to structure memoir around a theme or current event, how to navigate the difficulties of writing from memory, how to approach editors and tips for marketing books through memoir.

Show v. Tell: Demystifying the Rule
Liz Prato
Show, don't tell, is of the first writing rules we learn, yet it remains illusive to many writers. In this class we'll look at clear examples of "showing," discuss how, when, and why to do it, and demystify the sometimes blurry line between showing and telling.

The Thrill of It All: 47 Ways to Keep the Pages Turning in Your Manuscript
April Henry [Yes, that’s me]
Come learn from a New York Times bestselling novelist some of the tricks that can keep any novel - but especially crime fiction - fast-paced. April Henry will share 47 proven ways to create a page-turner.

Get Known Before the Book Deal: A Platform Development Checklist
Christina Katz
Becoming visible is more crucial to landing a book deal than ever. This lively presentation shows you how to see the bigger picture so you can name, claim, cultivate and explain your all-important writers platform from scratch - and land that book deal.

How to Market Your Book to Tweens
Dale Basye
It's more challenging than ever to get your book into a kid's hands. But don't despair! It's just a question of thinking like your audience. Learn how to connect with kids with the power of technology and relevant, consistent messages.

Find out more and register here.

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