aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Everything is really funny when you've had five hours sleep

Full disclosure: I've been a Mac person as long as there have been Mac people. And I've done my share of muttering at Microsoft Word, which often decides it knows better than you and starts numbering or indenting or whatever.

So I guess Microsoft decided to encourage people to have house parties to celebrate Windows 7. Now, setting aside WHAT KIND OF CRAZY PERSON WOULD WANT TO DO THAT?, they made a Youtube video to show just how fun it could be to gather four people representing various demographics who can fake laugh with the best of them.

It's really awful.

Mac software developer Cabel Sasser took the clip and bleeped out selected words to suggest a much different kind of party was being planned. Now I don't why, but just the addition of a few bleeps makes this clip much more watchable. In fact, it's hysterical.

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