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It's that time of year - ghosts are alive and well

Someone I know is a very successful ghostwriter for well-known folks who want to put out an autobiography. Interestingly, although she is Jewish, she has become the go-to gal for famous black people.

How did Sara Palin manage to put out her book in just four months? Her publisher says it was a lot of hard work.

Yeah, I can bet who really had all the hard work. The ghost writer: Linn Vincent. She certainly had a lot of material to draw from. As one news article says, ""Your worst enemy is a boring subject," says Sally Jenkins, co-author of Lance Armstrong's 2000 best seller, It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life, and other sports memoirs. "And [Palin] certainly isn't that.""

And once the first draft is turned in, publishers can compress the rest of the process. As the article says, "If it's a go, each step in the release process gets crunched. Instead of having a manuscript copyedited all at once and then sent to the author for review, doing it piecemeal can whittle the typical four-week process down to less than one, Culpepper says. Two weeks of fact-checking can get cut in half, and design and layout times may be curtailed from five weeks to five days. Eight days are shaved off the usual 10 for proofreading. And last-minute corrections are done in a single day instead of a week. When the printed books arrive in the warehouse, they're shipped out again the same day."

Here's the article that talks about Palin.

Here's an LJ post I had about novelists moonlighting as ghosts.

Here's an article from the London Observer about celebrities - mostly British - who use ghosts.

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