aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Librarians are my heroes

"Olly Neal grew up in Arkansas during the 1950s, by his own description a rather troubled high school senior. One day he cut class and wandered into the library. What happened there would change his life.

Because he was afraid to check it out, he left with a stolen book, Frank Yerby's The Treasure of Pleasant Valley. When he finished it a few weeks later, he took it back only to find another Yerby book in its empty place, which he also took. Each time he returned a Yerby, he found a new one had sprouted.

It was only 13 years later at a school reunion, on a path leading to a career as an appellate court judge, that Neal discovered that the librarians had been conspiring on his behalf all along... "

Here's the whole story. It made me tear up.

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