aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Controlling a migraine when you don't have/can't afford/don't want to take drugs

Migraine Remedy Recipe
2 cups coffee
2 Excedrin migraine
5-mile early morning run, as fast as you can

To make your run even faster, try these bonus tips:
1. Have man waiting for bus while it's still dark stand motionless against a tree, scaring the be-jebbers out of you when you realize he's just two feet away, and not a "mannequin!" as your brain first shouted.

2. Have Teen's friends wait at various bus stops, knowing they'll report "I saw your mom walking" or "I saw your mom running"

3. Realize half-way through your run that you forgot to bring a key and that if you don't run even faster, everyone will be gone by the time you get home, and that it's likely "hidden" key is actually lying on Teen's desk, due to "gross" spiders that like to spin webs near hiding place.

Got your own recipe?

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