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Alloy - a peek inside the hit machine

I’m sure this will be free to read soon, but in the meantime, just reading this abstract in the New Yorker about Alloy is fascinating.

“Alloy Entertainment packages about thirty books a year for publishers, and also generates TV shows and a growing number of ideas for feature films. Ideas are generated in weekly development meetings and are fleshed out into a short summary by an editor. A writer is asked to create a sample chapter on spec. If Alloy is happy with the sample, they put the writer on contract. The writer then hashes out a plot with Bank, one or two other editors, and Sara Shandler, Alloy’s editorial director. Last year, eighteen of Alloy’s twenty-nine new titles hit the Times children’s best-seller list.”

You can lead the rest of the (fairly lengthy) abstract here. . And this is a post I did about Alloy earlier.

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