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All you need for a book deal: one clever idea, one Web site, and a bunch of people willing to play

The New York Times covered a specific kind of blog to book deal: get an idea, put it on a Web site, talk about it on Twitter, and wait for the contributions to pour in. As in Cake Wrecks or I Can Haz Cheezburger.

The article starts out like this: “After Duncan Birmingham, a comedy screenwriter in Los Angeles, got one too many holiday cards featuring miserable-looking pets wearing fake reindeer antlers, he realized the photos were great material for a blog Mr. Birmingham started Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves in early January, uploaded the first entry and asked readers to contribute. Within days, visitors were supplying him with snapshots of bulldogs in bunny costumes and cats wearing wigs. The blogosphere noticed — and so did the publishing world. Within a week, he was contacted by editors and literary agents. By the second month, he said, he had sold a book based on the photos to Three Rivers Press, an imprint at Crown Publishing Group, for “enough money to buy a Lincoln Town Car” — with change left over.”

You can read the whole article here.

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