aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

What is it with Portland cops?

We've got not one, but two, cops who find excuses to have women disrobe. The headline in today's paper read, "Officer in underwear case resigns. John Wood, 31, pleads guilty to misconduct for asking two women to lift their skirts during a traffic stop."

At first I thought he was this other stupid cop: "A criminal investigation begun in November 2004 found that Multnomah County Sheriff's Deputy Christopher Green asked several women he stopped to either lift their shirt up, remove their bra or unzip their pants while pretending he was searching for a suspect with a flower tattoo."

But it's a different guy. And the second cop is still working! I guess the rule is, "Don't relax your guard around anyone." At least some women came forward. I wonder how many didn't? So that's another rule. "Tell!"

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Tags: skeevy

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