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Fiction vs. non-fiction

I used to wish that I wrote non-fiction, because non-fiction sold better. But agent Chip MacGregor says that non-fiction, at least non-fiction self-help, is tanking. He says, “People have discovered they can find those same answers on the web for free ... People still want answers to the evergreen questions (how can I be healthy? how can I make money money? how can I be at peace? how can I know God? how can I ever be as cool as Chip if I'm not Scottish?), but we're not sure they're going to continue buying those answers in book form if they can get something just as good for free.”

He also says he is representing fewer memoirs these days. He says rather than doing a straight memoir, “consider turning it inside out. In other words, don't focus on your personal story -- focus on the principles for living that come out of your story. Don't just use the book to tell what happened -- use the book to share the principles for living you've learned, and use your story to illustrate those principles. ... So if you feel you've got some sort of dynamite story, don't focus on re-telling everyone what happened in your life. Instead, focus on the lessons learned, write about them, and use some of your story as examples in your text.

You can read all of Chip’s post here.

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