aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five things on a Friday

1. We are still animals. I like to watch people's mouths when they talk, either out in the real world or on TV. People still use their tongues to communicate, but it's unconscious. Even newscasters. Once you start noticing it, it's amusing.

2. I just though of the best opening for a new book. It's so good I'm worried it's been used before.

3. The Fort Hood shooter was described by the New York Times today as being in "stable" condition. Ain't not such animal. Stable is a modifier. I used to routinely give condition reports about hospitalized patients to reporters, and your choices are: critical, poor, fair, and good. Stable is not a condition. You can be in good condition and stable or in poor condition and stable.

4. I've got too many regulars on my running route. If I slough off, then Rich the smoker who hangs out by his garage, or Jeff, the guy who walks no matter what the weather, will be there to witness it.

5. I just sent my YA editor two ideas for new books. I hope she likes one.

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