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Black is for Beginnings/Deadly Little Lies

About the books

Black is for Beginnings is a companion book to the BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES series.

Prophetic nightmares. Near-brushes with death. Killers pursuing her and her friends. Stacey Brown knows that being a hereditary witch isn’t all it's cracked up to be. BLACK continues the harrowing adventures of Stacey and Jacob in the wake of Jacob's brush with death. Ever since he lost his memory, Jacob hasn't been able to remember Stacey - his own soul mate. He leaves Massachusetts, returning to his childhood home in Colorado, hoping to jog his memory. What he remembers is Kira, his ex-girlfriend. As Jacob works to piece together his past, will there be room for Stacey in his future?

Laurie says, “When my editor approached me with the idea of writing a graphic novel, I was very intrigued because it gave me the opportunity to not only try something new, but to really picture the book as a movie.  I have a background in screenwriting and wrote BLACK IS FOR BEGINNINGS in screenplay format, adding in ideas for illustrations and sidebars. It was an absolute thrill to write – to have the opportunity to work with an illustrator, and to see my work come to life in this way.  BLACK IS FOR BEGINNINGS does not take the place of a regular prose novel in the series. It is a companion piece, complimenting the entire series as a whole.”

Deadly Little Lies is the sequel to Deadly LIttle Secret, (the first book in the TOUCH series). It starts up a few months after Ben’s departure at the end of the first book. Camelia’s spent those months researching everything she can find on psychometry (the ability to sense things through touch).

Ben returns to school, but he remains aloof, and Camelia can't get close enough to share her secret with him. Camelia makes the painful decision to let him go and move on. Adam, the hot new guy at Knead, seems good for her in ways Ben wasn't. But when Camelia and Adam start dating, a surprising love triangle results. A chilling sequence of events uncovers secrets from Ben’s past – and Adam's. Someone is lying, and it's up to Camelia to figure out who – before it's too late.

What the critics are saying
"The half-million readers of Laurie Faria Stolarz’s paranormal mystery series will be happy with this shift to graphic style, offering as it does the pleasure of putting faces on characters, its visualized eeriness and vibrant displays of emotion...The graphic style allows Stolarz to distill the story while simultaneously dropping hints about Stacey and Jacob’s supernatural talents, luring new readers to the series." - Kirkus Reviews

"Taking Stolarz’s Blue Is for Nightmares series into the graphic-novel realm is a bold idea, and it pays off in this morbidly entertaining and surprisingly romantic page-turner." - Booklist

About the author
Laurie Faria Stolarz is the author of several popular young adult novels, including Deadly Little Secret, Deadly Little Lies, Project 17, Bleed, and the bestselling BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES series, which has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. Stolarz's titles have been part of the Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers list, the Top Ten Teen Pick list, and YALSA's Popular Paperback list, all through the American Library Association. Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, Stolarz attended Merrimack College and received an MFA in creative writing from Emerson College in Boston. For more information, visit Laurie's website at www.lauriestolarz.com.

I asked, Laurie answered
A. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?  Bonus question:  have you used it, in any way, in a book?
L. When I was doing the research for PROJECT17, I went to the abandoned mental institution on which the book is based.  Growing up, the former mental hospital was rumored to be haunted (there are actually unmarked graves on the premises).  Once I really started delving into the research, visiting the place took on a whole new meaning (knowledge really IS power).  I was so horrified that I couldn’t sleep at night.  So, yes, I have used this fear to write a book.

A. Mystery writers often give their characters an unreasoning fear - and then make them face it.  Do you have any phobias, like fear of spiders or enclosed spaces? 
L. I’m the biggest wuss ever, even though I write this scary stuff, too.  You name it – bugs, critters, haunted houses, dark places, basements, attics, creaking noises at night, horror flicks, abandoned places, the list goes on and on.  I use all of this in my writing.

A. Do you have a favorite mystery book, author, or movie?  
L. I love Stephen King and Robert Cormier.  I also love The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and Our Secret History by Donna Tartt.  As for movies, I love the Scream trilogy, though I have to watch most of it with a pillow over my eyes.  I also like I Know What You Did Last Summer (but again with the pillow).  I’m not into the mega-horror stuff that’s out now.  If I watched any of that, I’m not even joking when I say I wouldn’t be sleeping for days.

A. At its heart, every story is a mystery.  It asks why someone acts the way they did - or maybe what will happen next.  What question does your book ask?
L. What happens when you fall in love with someone who could possibly kill another, including you?

A. Is there a mystery in life that you are still trying to figure out?
L. I think there are so many mysteries in one’s life.  Unraveling those mysteries and getting to the answers – and finding new mysteries along the way – is what we’re meant to do I believe.

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