aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

In which your intrepid reporter nearly dies but lives to tell about it

This weekend, Teen's padded computer laptop cover fell off her bed and into a corner. No problem, right? Except her bed is like this:

There is no way to get into that far corner, and the bed weighs hundreds of pounds. So I said, let's unwind a coat hanger and see if we can snag it.

One coat hanger wasn't long enough, so I hooked two together. It was hard going, so she held the flashlight and I fished around, scraping the coat hanger against the wall.

And eventually, it came into contact with one of these:

Boom! Flash of light! Most of the house went dark.

- I didn't die. I didn't even get shocked.
- For a long while, it looked like we had fried the wires, but the third time was the charm on trying the circuit breaker, and we got everything back.
- And I even managed to snag her computer cover!

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