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Want to know what an agent thinks of your work?

Normally I would say paying an agent to look at your work is a very bad idea. But not in this case. During the first two weeks of December, Irene Goodman, who represents some top authors, is auctioning off on ebay half-page critiques of partial manuscripts consisting of fifty pages and a synopsis.

There will be a link on her web site, http://www.irenegoodman.com, directly to the eBay page. The top twenty-five bidders will be contacted and asked to send their work ASAP, so be sure your fifty pages and synopsis are ready to go as soon as you get the word. She will give the best critiques she can and they will be done by her personally (not farmed out). All critiques will be conducted in the second half of December as soon as the auction is over. If she finds anything she loves, she may wish to follow up with an offer of representation. All proceeds will go to either the Foundation Fighting Blindness or the Deafness Research Foundation, two causes that are important to her because they affect her son. Ebay will have a mechanism set up so that all money will go directly to the foundations, not to Irene.

On the company’s Web site, it says Irene is particularly interested in “historical fiction with a hook, female-driven thrillers, and popular or narrative non-fiction.”

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