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Let's hear it for Texas

A librarian has just told me that Shock Point has been named to the Texas' Young Adult Round Table's 2007-2008 Tayshas Reading List. Tayshas' objective is to motivate young adults to become life-long readers and to participate in the community of readers in Texas. Tayshas takes its name from the Caddo Indian word meaning friends or allies. Written texas, texios, tejas, teyas or tayshas, the word was applied to the Caddos by the Spanish in eastern Texas, who regarded them as friends and allies against the Apaches.

The criteria for being named to the list include:
- has potential for teen pleasure reading
- reflects strong literary standards
- recognizes the diversity of teen readers in Texas

Any Texans reading this? Have you heard of Tayshas?

I wish I had some clue how to figure out about these type of things - books showing up on lists. I know Shock Point is on the ALA's Quick Picks nominee list, but I only learned that through obsessive Googling. Is there a way to keep track of these type of things (short of obessive Googling?)

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