aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Sixth local murder-suicide in a month - all related to domestic violence

In the Portland-metro area, there have been six murder-suicides in the past month. So many they're all starting to run together. The ex-boyfriend who shot his ex at her job at Great Clips and then killed himself. The divorcing husband who shot his wife at her lab job, shot a couple of her coworkers and then shot himself. The guy who had been convicted of domestic violence, but who the wife let move back home after he completed anger counseling. He shot her, her son, and himself. A couple more I can't even remember the details of.

And then yesterday, some poor four-year-old goes over to the neighbors and tells him that her mom and her mom's ex-husband aren't moving.

I wish people could just get past it. Why do men get so angry? Why is it so easy to get a gun?

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