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Writers as sexy shills

I worry that writing is started to be seen as exotic, something mere mortal can't really aspire too, only admire. Because now they are becoming shills for products as if they were actors or models.

How about this ad: "Douglas Coupland's life on a BlackBerry Pearl. Trades a dozen emails with the production team on the TV version of Jpod. Snaps photos for his website. Searches the web for answers to philosophy and trivia questions posed by his game designer friends over lunch. Charters a boat to a remote hideaway on Queen Charlotte Island. All with the new BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone." The ad just shows the phone.

Another ad shows him holding the phone to his ear, rather unconvincingly. It reads, "Douglas Coupland's life. Cultural commentator. Author of Generation X, Microserfs, Jpod. Two-fingered typist. Writes 2 hours a day and fills the rest with design work, sculpture, TV and film projects. 'I've basically turned my life into art school.' And beachcomber in search of artifacts of man and nature."

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Danielle Steel now has her own fragrance. The tag line is "Believe in happy endings." She is 60 years old. What do you think they had to do to this photo to make it work? Obviously, those are hair extensions. But do you think her "I look like I'm 30 years old" appearance came from cosmetic surgery, carefully computer editing, or both?

Full disclosure: The only Danielle Steele book I ever read was when I was living in Germany and desperate for a novel in English that I wouldn't have to read with a dictionary in the other hand. The story was about a poor girl engaged to a rich boy. Disfigured in a terrible car accident, she accepts his evil mother's offer to pay for her reconstructive surgery if she fakes her own death and never darkens the son's door again. Of course, they meet up later - but he never realizes that she is his own true love, with a new face!

Once, for me, was enough.

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