aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

You run into the weirdest things doing research

This is from a totally serious advisory given by an employer to employees - tips on how to deal with being held hostage:

"Manage Your Personal Environment.
To the extent possible, treat the space in which you are confined like a home:
• Consider personalizing it by rearranging things as much as you can.
• Designate specific places for your various activities.
• Keep the place clean.
• Add to the furnishings. If possible, display photos of the family, which you may have in your wallet.
• Ask for things you need, without appearing to demand anything, but do not expect all promises to be kept.
• Where possible, avoid eye contact, which tends to be provoking and emotionally arousing. However, when being directly spoken to, the hostage should look at the captor, as this tends to establish rapport. Care should be exercised not to stare at or look down upon captors, as this tends to cause the captors to feel threatened."

I'm not exactly sure what kind of job these folks had - all I know is I wouldn't want it!

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